Tom Bergeron is a Broadcasting Vet

May 7, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tom Bergeron stopped by to promote his new book, “I’m Hosting as Fast as I Can,” and Artie laughed: “Wow. He looks old.” Mock-offended, Tom snapped back: “Well, you look like shit, Artie.” Howard asked Tom how he got started in broadcasting, so Tom explained that he became a radio announcer at the age of 17, after learning one of the teachers at his high school was a newsman at the local station. Tom aced the guy’s class and earned his way on the air.

Calling the Three Stooges at Home

Tom told the crew about interviewing the Three Stooges as a teenager, laughing that he called all around California looking for them: “I was in my house with a little suction cup attached to the phone and a tape recorder.” After finally reaching Larry at a retirement home and chatting for a while, Larry asked: “You want Moe’s number?” Tom said he then called Moe only to have Moe demand to know where he got the number. When Tom told him, Moe angrily cursed under his breath: “Larry.”

‘DWTS’ Leak

Howard speculated that Tom couldn’t stand Samantha Harris, his “Dancing with the Stars” co-host, but Tom insisted: “That’s not true!” Howard wondered if it was difficult dealing with the show’s frequent on-set hook-ups, so Tom confessed: “Not unless they’re doing it right in front of me…we think we have a mole in there, because everything we know about ends up coming out. Someone’s getting their palm greased by TMZ or something.”