The Sad Clown’s Bad Year

June 3, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sal came in to discuss the “long process” he, Jason, and Justin (and “a couple of assistant writers”) go through to write HowardTV’s ‘Show in the Hallway,’ remarking that Yucko the Clown recently refused to participate in an episode in which his ex-wife sleeps with Ronald McDonald, Bozo and the Insane Clown Posse. Yucko followed Sal in to explain himself: “I had a shitty year last year.” Artie was unimpressed, joking: “Welcome to the I-had-a-shitty-year club, asswipe.” Howard then asked Yucko how horrible it was to carry around all the props he uses in his act, but Yucko claimed schlepping a suitcase full of dildo’s around was no big deal – joking that he at least had it better than Artie: “He’s gotta carry that fat ass around.”

Life as a Single Clown

Yucko told the crew he hadn’t heard from his ex-wife since their divorce: “Not at all. That’s the way I like this shit, too.” He hasn’t been laid since the divorce either: “I’ve gotten close a lot of times but I’m on anti-depressants and my little clown-y dick kinda [fails].” Instead, Yucko tours with the Killers of Comedy – he frequently rooms with Beetlejuice, who was recently blamed for shitting in the shower. However, as Beet continued to deny doing it (this time), the Rev. Bob Levy finally fessed up: “He was sick and ended up shitting in the shower and then tied to kick it down the drain. He got most of it down.”