Kathy Griffin Swears on Live TV

June 4, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Kathy Griffin stopped by to promote the fifth season of “My Life on the D-List” on Bravo and Howard asked her about the time she used profanity while co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper. However, before Kathy could answer, Benjy confessed that he was the heckler she swore at. Kathy laughed: “I was on an international news outlet with a Vanderbilt…first of all, I could have said, ‘I could kick you in the c–t but I don’t want to lose a good boot’…I really just said [‘Do I come to your work and knock the cocks out of your mouth?’] to make Anderson laugh…I turned to Anderson and said, ‘Am I fired?’ and he said, ‘No.'”

Eating Takeout in Cher’s Bathroom

Kathy told the crew about hanging with her new friend – Cher:” We had been texting for a while. And I wish I could say sexting…I call [her house] Cher Island. It’s a compound…usually what happens is we go to her place and she orders from Nobu…she has shown me the Cher closet, which is a dream come true. I just gasp. Usually she’s just in sweats and no make-up…she actually has a bathroom that so big it has a daybed in it. We sit on the daybed in the bathroom and eat Nobu.”

Life on the D-And-Maybe-Now-C-List

Kathy laughed that she’d lost a lot of weight thanks to diet and exercise, but her friends and family were paying the price: “I’m hungry and bitchy all the time.” She’s not missing her ex-husband, though: “I wish him the best wherever he is – but good riddance.” Kathy then described her recent run-in with “Speidi” (Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, the celebutard, former co-stars from MTV’s “The Hills”) at a dinner party: “They walk over to me…and I obviously got uncomfortable because I don’t want to talk to “Speidi,” I just want to talk about them later behind their backs…and [Spencer]’s dressed like a date-rapist…he said, ‘I’m a media-whore just like you’ and I was just like [ugh].”