Beaver Phillips: ‘Copy, Paste & Bang!’

July 21, 2009

Howard got author Beaver Phillips on the line to discuss his book, “Copy, Paste & Bang!” Beaver gave the crew the secret to banging chicks they meet on the Internet: go to either PlentyofFish or Match and look for women with profiles with “flirting” or “very liberal” in their Interests section.

He then tries to get them on the phone and, as soon as you do, talk about sex: “I don’t trick women in any shape or form. No deceit…don’t lie. Be honest.” Beaver said he almost had a script for these phone conversations, first telling them to “Tell me about your last date,” and, if she doesn’t hint at it ending with sex, he ribs her for messing it up. Then he asks point-blank: “Tell me about your sex life.” Additionally, Beaver recommended that you don’t contact women looking for “intimate encounters” in their profile’s “Looking For” section, as it can auto-block you from other daters.

Benjy and JD’s Adventures in Online Dating

Benjy confirmed that Beaver’s techniques did work, as he has used them himself, and told guys to use their best picture, because once you meet a girl in person, your personality can carry the difference. Howard asked if Beaver had ever fallen in love with any of the girls he’s hooked up with, but Beaver denied it: “I’m so busy having fun, it’s the farthest thing from my mind.” Howard tried to get Beaver to help JD, but JD quickly turned the opportunity down: “I have some [women online] that are interested in me, but they’re not local. I have something planned for Friday with someone.” JD later admitted he’s only gotten laid once with a girl he’d met on the Internet: “Now she has a boyfriend [but it’s not JD].”