Does Daniel Carver Have a Bi-Racial Grandchild?

July 27, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard received a tip that “friend” of the show and former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, Daniel Carver, might have a bi-racial grandchild. Daniel called in to claim the tip was false: “No, it’s not true…I don’t just have grandchildren, I have great-grandchildren, and every one of them is white.”

Howard asked if he Daniel might just be unaware of a distant bi-racial progeny, but Daniel denied it: “I raised ’em better than that.” Howard wondered if Daniel would kill himself if the rumor turned out to be true, and Daniel flatly answered: “Yeah.”

Howard then played Daniel some clips from an interracial porn film titled “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Daniel said it was his first exposure to pornography: “I don’t watch no porn movies. I’ve seen HowardTV and that’s about as close as I get to it.”

Howard Ain’t No Jew

After hearing a clip from the film, Daniel was repulsed: “That’s plum sickness…the Jews are behind all these porn movies.” Artie asked Daniel if he knew that Howard was a Jew, but Daniel was indignant:”Howard ain’t no Jew. If he was a Jew, he wouldn’t be so nice to me.” Daniel later explained: “He said he was Jew in his movie just to help the movie sell…and it worked!”