Sal’s Long Learning Curve

August 11, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sal reported that he went back to his friend Ian’s house yesterday to apologize to his wife, Laura, for ruining her birthday party. Sal said he also listened to yesterday’s segment with his wife and saw her mouthing “Yes” to herself as Howard critiqued his behavior: “You almost acted as her therapist yesterday.”

Sal claimed that his wife had never really addressed her feelings about his behavior until that moment – which confused everyone, as her signals seemed so clear to them. Howard laughed: “You do all this stuff so then she’s so fuming mad…she’s not talking to you because she thinks you’re a f’ing retard.” Robin seconded: “The point is you miss every signal.”

Sal said his inability to read his wife was the main reason he was in therapy – though it didn’t start out that way: at first it was couples therapy. Howard then speculated that Sal resented women because they take attention away from him.

An Ass Kicking

Sal told the crew that his behavior has only gotten his ass kicked once – a black guy once punched him out after a “rap battle” in a parking lot: “It was a rap battle like something you see in ‘Beat Street’…and I won the rap battle.”

To celebrate his victory, Sal capped with one last zinger: “You’re mother’s so old, she looks like a prune.” The guy replied by knocking him out, later telling a dazed Sal: “Don’t talk about my mother. She raised me for 9 months.”