Dustin Hoffman Calls Into the Stern Show

Actor dials in for the Out-Produce Gary contest

September 14, 2009
Photo: PRPhotos

Dustin Hoffman called in as part of the Out-Produce Gary contest and everyone agreed he would most likely be the winner – unless the President calls.

Dustin told the crew about living with Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall back in the day. He laughed that they were all unemployed and undersexed at the time.

Howard asked if Dustin ever turned down a big role and Dustin listed a few, including roles in films directed by Federico Fellini and Ingmar Bergman. He’s also turned down his friend Steven Spielberg four times, but Ben Kingsley’s role in “Schindler’s List” is the only part he would specifically mention.

Dustin said he got a late start in acting and planned to give it up if he hadn’t made it by the time he turned 30, and he ended up scoring the starring role in “The Graduate” that very year. The actor also revealed an interesting bit of related trivia: Anne Bancroft, who played Mrs. Robinson, was only five years older than him at the time.

Artie Lange tried to make a list of the movies Dustin was in and was blown away.

Howard jokingly asked if Dustin was a bigger get than the contest’s earlier entrant, “Munsters” star Pat Priest.

“Just by a hair,” Robin said with a laugh.