Mad Dog’s Mouth is Trouble

October 14, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo stopped by and Howard immediately took him to task for recently appearing on Imus’ show and saying that his sports picks would finally be heard by an audience. Chris said he wasn’t upset with his “visibility” on Sirius XM, just how his channel was being run, saying he had to make many moves himself, like combining his evening and morning guys into a two-man morning team.

Chris confessed that he also had to personally fire his overnight guy – 5 minutes after his last broadcast. Chris also complained about the 5 hours he has to be on-air every day: “The issue that I’ve had, and you’ve said this to me, the show is long…I think that’s my biggest issue.”

Fall Sports Predictions

Howard asked if A-Rod’s success so far this October was tied to his new relationship with Kate Hudson, and Chris admitted she might be one reason Alex was so relaxed: “She can relate to him because she’s an actress.”

Chris also predicted the World Series would be between the Dodgers and the Yankees – and confessed that he’d lost big money on the Cardinals and Rockies. Chris said the biggest story in sports right now is Brett Favre: “I hated the way he handled this coming back – retiring, coming back, retiring, coming back…[but the Vikings] have a big chance at winning. Minnesota and the Giants are the two best teams in football right now.”

George Touches the Dog

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard learned that Chris would be appearing on Letterman tonight and asked him to comment on the “Late Night” scandal. Chris predicted that Letterman’s wife would stand by him: “No divorce…she’s not gonna – all that money? She’s not walking away from that.” Chris added that she’d have to prove Letterman had the affairs after they were married, which was near-impossible.

Later, after Howard complimented him on staying in shape, Chris lifted up his shirt and began screaming at George and Howard to touch his chest – George obliged: “You look good.”