Ben Stern's Meal Patterns

Howard said he took his parents out to dinner before a recent party. At the restaurant, his father told Beth about his meal routine – a routine Ben later called in to explain: "I have three breakfasts I eat every morning in sequence...if I have a cold cereal, the next time I have a hot cereal."

Howard asked what Ben ate when he was away from home, so Ben detailed: "I have an inventory of sardines...I throw them in between two pieces of bread and that's my lunch."

Ben revealed that he and Ray also have a dinner routine: on Mondays they go to an Italian restaurant. Tuesdays they go to KFC, where Ben orders corn on the cob, cole slaw and grilled chicken: "It's's not dried out and I enjoy eating it." Wednesdays they go to a Greek place and, on Thursdays, a diner. Asked why he never switched things up and maybe go to the Italian place on Thursday, Ben bristled: "There's no reason to change the schedule."