Medicated Pete’s Load Limit

October 28, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Medicated Pete came in to accept Rich’s offer and the crew immediately took note of his “new look,” which Pete explained was just “some Redken stuff” in his hair: “I actually do this from time to time.”

Howard asked if Pete was beating off a lot since his recent visit to Rick’s Cabaret, and Pete confirmed it: “Quite frankly, I am. And quite frequently.”

The crew wondered if Pete should be kept away from Rick’s, but Howard didn’t think he could deny Pete the lapdances: “He’s gotta go to Rick’s. He loves it.” Howard laughingly referenced the freakishly-high number of times the lapdances got Pete to come in his pants: “But I’m putting you on a 3 load limit. After you blow 3 loads, you’re out.”