Riley Martin is Back … To Complaining

November 5, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got Riley Martin on the line to ask if he could play a clip he’d been handed, explaining that Riley had fought with his co-host, E-Ron, during a break in their show – while the mics were open.

Riley demanded that Howard first allow him to complain (“Nevertheless that’s not really my, uh, beef!”) about his compensation. Howard agreed. Riley said he’d met with Dr. Keith Ablow – as Howard had requested – for 2 and a half hours, but he was only paid for an hour. Additionally, Riley claimed he hadn’t been paid at all for the hour he talked to Ablow the following week.

Tim Sabean came in to respond: “You’re out of your mind! You’re under contract now. You’re an employee at will. Now stop!”

We Need a Dr. E-Ron

After playing the clip of Riley’s fight with E-Ron and attempting to communicate with Riley, Howard was exhausted: “I wish E-Ron was a doctor so he could medicate Riley.”

Riley then promoted a Thanksgiving special that he’ll be hosting, leading Howard to joke: “I’m looking forward to it and to the follow-up call when you don’t get paid for that either.”