Kari Ann Peniche on Sex Addiction and the ‘McSteamy’ Tape

November 9, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Kari Ann Peniche stopped by to promote Vh1’s “Sex Rehab” and referenced her last appearance on the show: “You tickled me, Howard. I loved it.”

Asked how she ended up on “Sex Rehab,” Kari said she’d been acting out sexually since her next door neighbor molested her when she was a child. She added that the neighbor even used to give her porn: “Like, pictures of naked girls..I would cut holes in my stuffed animals and hide them in there.”

Kari Ann was further damaged when she was raped by “college boys” at the age of 14 (“I just got drunk and put myself in a bad situation.”) and again when she was drugged and raped when she was 17: “I woke up behind a dumpster when the sun was coming up and I was covered in shit water.” Kari added: “But I was a ‘virgin by choice’ until I was 18.”

On the ‘McSteamy’ Sex Tape

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Kari Ann about her appearance in the “McSteamy” sex tape, but Kari Ann took issue with using the word “sex-tape” to describe the footage: “There was no sex.”

Kari Ann claimed the tape had been stolen from her home by country star-turned-rehab-reality-show-star, Mindy McCready: “She stole my external hard drives. She was extorting me. She wanted a certain amount of money for my hard drive.” Kari Ann said the footage was shot at her home after she met “McSteamy” and his girlfriend, actress Rebecca Gayheart, at a party.

The bizarre outfits they wear in the tape were part of an innocent game: “We were playing dress-up.” Kari Ann repeatedly denied ever having sex with “McSteamy” or Rebecca, adding that she’d never slept with a girl. Howard laughed: “What kind of sex addict are you?”

You Sure Stamos Wasn’t There?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary came in to say he didn’t believe Kari Ann, citing a scene in the “sex-tape” where she’s laying next to a naked “McSteamy” on her bed. Kari Ann didn’t budge: “We were just lying down because we were really f’ed up.” Howard sided with Gary: “You’re a sex addict and there’s penis in the room!”

As Gary described a few other details of the tape, Howard laughed: “You’re saying all this is going on and John Stamos isn’t even there?”

A Vibrator-Buying Problem

Howard asked if “Sex Rehab” worked, and Kari Ann nodded: “I am having less sex. It sucks.” Kari Ann said she had to leave the show after she was assaulted: “One of the nurses attacked me.”

Kari Ann later confessed that she didn’t believe she had a sex problem: “I have more of a vibrator-buying problem.” Kari Ann told the crew she had a closet full of sex toys and accessories: “I have all these things to tie me up…I love being tied up.”

Howard was intrigued, so Kari Ann went on: “I’ve been tied up every which way.” Howard wondered what kind of sex Kari Ann liked, and she replied: “Whatever you want. Just make it rough…I like my hair pulled. I like being called names.”

Kari Ann then turned the tables and asked Howard about his best sexual experience – Howard joked: “I watched ‘American Idol’ and went to sleep afterwards.”