Daniel Carver on His Son’s Arrest

November 10, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got Daniel Carver of the Ku Klux Klan on the line to discuss his son’s recent arrest for drug trafficking. Asked if he hoped there were no black people on the jury, Daniel replied: “I don’t know if it makes a lot of difference…in this country, you’re better off being called a child molester than a racist.”

Daniel said he’d been convicted for making “terroristic threats” by an all-white jury himself: “I’m a convicted terrorist.” Daniel explained the charges against his son: “They said they found a small amount of meth in his house…I always thought meth was a [n-word] drug.”

Daniel had no problem with any of the other charges: “The meth part of it was what I consider a black crime.” Robin noted that meth users are predominantly white, but Daniel insisted there was more going on than the numbers show: “Usually white guys get it from [n-words].”

The Carver’s Need Help

Daniel told the crew that the court had assigned a black investigator to help his son’s defense, and he’s so far taken a liking to her. Artie laughed: “As a Southerner you must be so excited a black guy’s working for you for free again.”

Daniel later reported that he couldn’t afford to pay for his son’s defense himself because he’d invested all his money (including the $25,000 he’d won in the show’s football pool) in Sirius stock when shares cost $7: “Now it’s worth a nickel.” (or about $180.00).