Foreigner Performs Live on the Stern Show

November 10, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The guys from Foreigner stopped by to promote their new album, “Can’t Slow Down.” Howard asked when they’d finally parted with their old lead singer, Lou Gramm, so Mick Jones said Lou left after he woke from surgery (to remove a brain tumor) and announced he only wanted to write/perform Christian music.

Which everyone thought was an unusual reason for bands to break up as it’s usually money, drugs or women at the root of all breakups. Mick said the band fell apart repeatedly before they found a line-up that worked: “We had to improve on each album and that took its toll, you know?” Howard wondered how Mick retained the Foreigner name, and Mick explained that Lou blew it: “He set the precedent by leaving the band about 3 times.”

The band then treated the crew to an acoustic performance of their very first hit, “Feels Like the First Time.”

Mick Jones on Rock History

Howard asked if the original Foreigner line-up would ever reunite, and Mick shrugged: “Lou has sort of approached me about putting the original band back together but we’ve come so far with this – with this band…I’ve never been with guys that really click like this…certainly if we ever have a slight chance of getting into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.”

Mick told the crew about hanging with the Beatles at a restaurant in Paris. The Fab Four was serviced by some very attractive fans mid-meal: “The next thing I know the table’s moving.” Mick said he was with his girlfriend and trying to distract her, but things took an obvious turn when the Beatles all dived below deck to return the favor.

Mick on Modern Music


Mick didn’t say much when asked about his daughter, Samantha Ronson, dating Lindsay Lohan: “The relationship became very toxic.” Mick also dodged a question about Mariah Carey covering one of his songs: “I have to say she is a great singer. She’s very gifted.” Mick had more to say about the time he spent producing “5150” for Van Halen: “I thought we argued, but when I saw them argue it was a different kind of level…these fights always took place after their father came up to visit them.”