Ralph Cirella Might Be the Liquor Thief

November 30, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G reported Monday morning that someone suggested that Ralph Cirella was the thief responsible for stealing alcohol from Studio 69’s bar—usually during his Superfan Roundtable guest appearances. Howard admonished Ralph (“That’s stealing!”) and demanded his access be revoked. “Take away Ralph’s card that lets him into my studio,” he threatened.

Superfan Roundtable producer Jason Kaplan came in to explain why he’d refuse to comment on the Howard 100 News story: “I’ve never seen him do it … in the very beginning [of ‘Superfan Roundtable’] we were allowed to drink and I’ve seen him bring a little Jäger[meister]in…now there’s a no-drinking policy,” he revealed.

Howard, for his part, believed the staffer. “Jason would come and tell me, I believe,” he theorized. “He’s a real tattle-tale.”