Keeping Up with Kim and Khloe Kardashian

December 8, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Kim and Khloe Kardashian stopped by to promote the upcoming fourth season of their E! reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Howard wondered what it was like to be reality show stars and they talked about how much they loved working with Ryan Seacrest to make the show. Howard asked Kim about her sex-tapes, but she would only say that no one likes when something like that happens. Howard wanted to know what it was like when their father, Robert Kardashian, was defending OJ.

The girls explained that they knew the Simpsons before the murders and felt that their father really believed in OJ’s innocence. They said that something must have happened between OJ and their dad because they never saw OJ again after the trial.

Howard wondered if their dad left their mom or if it was the other way around and Khloe said that it was their mom who left, adding that it was only five months later that she started dating her current husband, Bruce Jenner.

Howard thought Bruce had gone a little too far with the plastic surgery and girls explained how he had fixed his nose in the final episode of the last season’s show. They also talked about how they really loved Bruce and how he was very considerate of their love for their father.

Kardashian Girls Love the Athletes

Howard asked Khloe about her new husband, Lamar Odom, who plays for the LA Lakers. Khloe explained how they met at a party and ended up hanging out all night – and then running into each other again the next day by chance. Howard wondered how long it took before they first slept together and Khloe revealed that it was 4 days. Khloe added that they got married exactly 30 days after they first met.

Howard asked about the rumors that they weren’t really married and that they had a very detailed prenup that included giving Khloe things like $1,000 a month for hair and makeup and court-side season tickets to the Lakers. Khloe laughed and insisted that all the rumors were false. Howard then asked Kim about her relationship with New Orleans Saints’ running back, Reggie Bush. Kim confirmed they were dating but, unlike her sister, would not comment on the size of his penis as that kind of talk made her uncomfortable.

Howard asked if she thought they would get married, but Kim explained she was married for 4 years when she was 19, so she was in no hurry this time around. Artie thought it was amazing that the two girls were involved with two of the top guys on two of the top teams in their sports. Khloe joked that they needed to hook their sister up with a NY Yankee, and Artie shot back – stay away from the Yankees.

One’s Open, The Other Isn’t

When the girls started talking about the dietary supplement they’ve been promoting, one of them noted how it helped make her “regular,” prompting Howard to ask which of the two made the biggest doody.

Kim seemed very embarrassed by the question, but not half as embarrassed as she was when Khloe claimed Kim took the biggest poops in the family as evidenced by the odor she left behind. Kim was mortified, and Khloe just laughed and said she was kidding, adding that she loved to f’ with her sister.

A caller asked if the girls would get on the Sybian, and, while Howard didn’t bother to ask the girls if they would, he did ask if either a used vibrator when masturbating. Again, Kim wouldn’t answer, but Khloe happily admitted to doing so. Howard continued to push Kim, but she said she never talks about these kinds of things.

Before they left, Khloe told Howard he should let Kim corn-row his hair and Artie offered to do black-face for a chance to date either sister.