Jimmy Kimmel Weekend in the Hamptons with Howard

Jimmy Kimmel stopped by to hang out and discuss the weekend he and his cousin Sal spent at Howard's house in the Hamptons. Howard said he had problems sleeping when Jimmy stayed over because he didn't want Jimmy to wake up in the night and not have any way to entertain himself: "I was up a 5am walking around."

Jimmy laughed at Howard's regimented lifestyle: "Everything is very well-scheduled."

Forgetting Sarah Silverman

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Jimmy to repeat the fuzzy story behind his break-up with Sarah Silverman, so Jimmy confessed he couldn't remember what he'd said over the weekend: "I don't understand what I'm saying most of the time either...I know you have a hard time remembering what is ok to talk about and what isn't OK to talk about, so [I self-edited] for your own protection." Robin asked if Sarah broke up with Jimmy both times, and Jimmy clarified: "I broke up with her the first time. She broke up with me the second time." Howard wondered if they were always more "in like" with each other instead of "in love," but Jimmy shrugged: "I guess so, yeah. She decided that." Howard asked if Jimmy would have Sarah on his show now, but Jimmy didn't think so: "Not right now. Eventually, maybe."

The Bitter Toasters

Artie said he was still bitter about Jimmy's toast at Howard's wedding: "That pissed me off. I didn't know anyone else funny was going to speak...and then Jimmy gets up and kills and I have to follow Jimmy."

Jimmy laughed that he was more upset with Chevy Chase's toast: "Why is everyone pretending that was a nice speech? He doesn't really listen to the show. He just thinks, 'This is Howard Stern's wedding. I should say "cock" and "penis" as much as possible.'"