Miss Howard Stern is Recovering

Howard played a voicemail from Miss Howard Stern who was recently injured in a car accident, but it was unintelligible. Andrea's sister, Brandi, called in to report that Andrea was recovering well: "She's ok. She's doing a lot better than expected."

Howard explained that Andrea was on her way home late one night when she slammed her convertible into a telephone pole at 60mph and was ejected from the car, landing on her head - Andrea now has a steel plate in her skull. Brandi said Andrea didn't have all her memory back yet: "I think you can probably speak with her pretty soon. She's doing pretty good. She's home now."

Howard asked if Andrea lost any intelligence, and Brandi laughed: "I don't know yet." Robin was shocked: "That's amazing. To be ejected from a car and survive like that?