Quentin Tarantino Plans to Retire at 60

August 17, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Quentin Tarantino stopped by to promote “Inglourious Basterds” and immediately had to answer for some of his confusing casting decisions. Quentin said he always had his reasons choosing some actors but didn’t befriend them all: “I’m very immature about that kind of a thing…you get close but you only see each other every couple of years. We don’t go out and meet at the corner bar or anything like that.”

Quentin’s Sexual Resume

Quentin refused to confirm or deny that he’d slept with Uma Thurman: “I’m not going to talk about stuff like that.” He did admit to making out with Kathy Griffin. Quentin also admitted to banging Margaret Cho, calling her “pretty crazy” and laughing that she wasn’t the best sex he’d ever had.

Hanging with the Pitt-Jolies

Photo: PRPhotos

Howard commended Brad Pitt’s performance in “Inglourious Basterds” (“He’s actually a great actor.”) and asked how much Quentin paid him. Quentin wasn’t specific, saying “something like $9 million.” Quentin added that he met all of the Pitt-Jolie kids and thought they were very sweet: “It was kind of cool.” The pair had one disagreement, over the ending of the film: “I went one way with it and history goes another way with it.” Howard asked Quentin had seen any maids or nannies when he was visiting Brad and Angelina’s home in France, as they claim not to employ any, but Quentin dodged: “They do have friends that help them out.”

Going Out Like a Bad-Ass

Quentin said he planned to retire from directing films at 60: “That’d be a good time to get into just writing and raising a family.” Howard asked if he planned to go out like David Carradine, and Quentin said he wasn’t sure auto-erotic asphyxiation was what killed David: “But for the sake of conversation, I think that’s f’ing bad ass. He went out great as far as I’m concerned.” Quentin added that David lived 5 different lives: “He was a wild dude.”