Charlie Murphy Is In Shambles

Charlie Murphy stopped by to promote his upcoming stand-up gigs and refused to say whether he was dating or not: "My personal life is in shambles right's not good. You're trying to set me up to be in divorce court. Asking me if I'm dating? I'm not gonna admit that on a national radio show...It's not good, Howard."

King of All Blacks called in to say his marriage lasted because his wife is always willing to give him oral sex, but Charlie didn't think that was enough: "That's all she's putting on the table? She sucks your dick on a daily basis? You're over-valuating blowjobs, man." Charlie later blamed marriage counselors for his crumbling union: "They want you to talk to like you talk to yourself. And you don't talk to anyone like you talk to yourself. And you leave there wanting to kill each other."