The Insane Clown Posse Do Their Own Makeup

Shaggy 2Dope and Violent J (a.k.a. the Insane Clown Posse) stopped by to promote their new album, "Bang Pow Boom," and promised that their new single, "The Bone," was their best yet. Violent J laughed that this wasn't unusual: "I believe every Insane Clown Posse song is the best Insane Clown Posse song."

Howard asked how long it took the pair to do their make-up, and Violent J claimed he could slap it on in 15 minutes: "I can do it in the dark. I can do it in a moving car." Shaggy said he did Violent J's make-up during their first five years together: "Then I got sick of it and said, 'Man, you gotta do your own shit.'"

The Juggalo Phenomenon

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked about ICP's annual Gathering of the Juggalos, and Violent J said the 20,000-strong festival was misunderstood: "The tongue cannot possible translate how magically fresh the Gathering of the Juggalos is." Violent J added: "Juggalos aren't just ICP fans. The Juggalos have manifested into something bigger." Shaggy agreed: "There are some Juggalos that just aren't right in the head."

Violent J's Dad

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard switched gears, asking about the duo's childhoods, so Violent J confessed his stepfather was sexually abusive: "He tried to juggle my balls...he would walk around in a robe with his dick hanging out. It was just a – just a nightmare." Violent J said he and his brother used to plot his stepfather's death, leading Howard to ask if the abuse was the impetus of his rap moniker. Violent J shrugged: "Could be." J went on to say that his mother kicked the guy out of the house after reading what he had done to his sister in a letter she left her mother when she ran away.

Shaggy's Mid-beat Mishap

Shaggy told a story about the time he got in a fight with a girl after she took a stranglehold on his balls in the middle of the street: "We're not talking about a feminine little butterfly." After Shaggy struck back, her crew – a group of some 40 dudes – jumped him, and in the middle of getting beat up, Shaggy shat his pants: "The worst part is I was wearing white shorts."

Shaggy's 5 Felonies

Shaggy noted he had 5 felonies, leading Howard to laugh: "Do you know what they're all for?" Shaggy replied: "Uh, mostly. One for B&E. One for home invasion. One for a concealed weapon. One was weapons charges." Shaggy said he was charged with the most recent, home invasion, last year: "I stuck up a kid in his house. It's a long story."

Violent J jumped in to explain that Shaggy had tracked some stolen studio equipment to the guy's house and he was just trying to get it back. Shaggy shrugged: "I just happened to have a gun on me and said, 'Let's roll.'" Howard was impressed, and Shaggy laughed: "So long story short, I'm not allowed to have a gun anymore." Violent J said Shaggy wasn't all there sometimes: "He takes funky-ass pills." Shaggy confirmed it: "I'm an alcoholic and an f'ing liar." Shaggy added that he just got out of detox and has been sober for 2 days.