Sal Quizzes a Homeless Guy

January 5, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A guy called in to play a game but after Scott failed to get the CD with all the questions and answers on it to work, Howard gave up and awarded the guy the $711 anyway.

After the guy hung up, Scott did get the disc to work so Howard played clips of Sal asking a homeless lady some questions. He noted that the woman claimed to be a lawyer, a doctor and a nurse.

Sal’s questions, followed by the homeless lawyer/doctor/nurse’s answers:

What is 50% of 500? “50 dollars.”

What sport does Serena Williams play? “Tennis.”

What does USMC stand for? “United States Military Corporation.”

What is Seinfeld’s first name? “Albert.”

Who wrote ‘Hamlet’? “Hamlet.”

Who is the mayor of NYC? “Bloomingberg.”

Name an animal that’s a marsupial. “Cat.”

What does FDA stand for? “Federal Administration for Food.”