Medicated Pete Went on a Date and Scored a Kiss

January 11, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Medicated Pete came in to tell the crew that he’d gone on a successful date over the weekend, claiming he even kissed the girl for “like 2 minutes” after dinner.

Robin referenced Pete’s infamously messy table habits: “You ate in front of her and she still kissed you?”

Howard asked if the girl was now his girlfriend, but Pete shrugged: “I might be seeing this person again so I don’t know.”

Under further questioning, Pete revealed that his date was 6 feet tall – and he was totally in love with her: “I am.”

Howard wondered if he’d “jerked off thinking about getting inside her,” and Pete nodded: “Possibly.”

Howard laughed: “That’s a yes.”

Gary reported that Pete had told Scott the Engineer – and Ronnie the Limo Driver – a completely different story, so Howard asked if Pete was telling him the truth.

Pete shrugged: “I think so. I don’t know.”