Jason Kaplan and Lisa G. Get Into It Over Annual Staff Portrait

Her feelings were reportedly hurt after he jumped in front of her for the picture

January 14, 2010

Howard complained about having to take the annual staff portrait on Tuesday: “Some reason on my birthday everybody thinks it’s a good idea to annoy the shit out of me.”

Howard said he did enjoy the results, however, after seeing that Jason had jumped in front of Lisa G: “You just see Lisa’s little head. So Lisa flipped out on Jason.”

Jason came in to say Lisa was really pissed by the prank: “She said to me that what I did to her in the picture was hateful.”

Lisa then came in to say her problem with Jason wasn’t just about the photo: “It was about other things that have happened that I will not discuss on the air.”

Jason laughed that Lisa had threatened to get “third parties” involved, so Lisa was compelled to explain: “He wouldn’t listen to things I’ve told him over the years…it was creepy to me…Someone needs to sit him down and say stop. Lisa’s not your punching bag.”

Lisa added: “I love Jason. He’s a lot of fun…but every once in while it’s like, wow, that’s really mean.”

A caller then asked the question on everyone’s mind: “How did Jason not block everybody in the photo?”