Captain Janks’ 20th Anniversary

Renowned prankster tells King of All Media he's been out of jail for a year

January 21, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Captain Janks called in to note that today was his 20th anniversary as a Stern show caller – but Howard first asked why he was out of jail.

Janks shrugged: “I’ve actually been out of jail for a year, Howard.”

Howard wondered if Janks was still ripping off club promoters, but Janks claimed he wasn’t: “That was never my intention in the first place.”

Robin asked if Janks had sought treatment for his drug problem, and Janks explained: “It’s not over yet…but I’m taking care of things.”

Howard and Robin then agreed that Janks’ “Kathie Lee Gifford” prank call was his all-time best.