The One-Nippled Wonder

March 24, 2010

Shayna came in to explain why she hadn’t dated Neil for years after meeting him on a dating site: “I only thought of him as a friend. What’s wrong with that?”

Howard was confused why she was looking for friends on a dating site, but Shayna shrugged: “I know within 5 seconds whether I’m gonna sleep with a guy.”

Shayna said she actually still hadn’t slept with–or blown–Neil, but “he’s the only guy I’m dating now. I’ll say that…I just don’t do that. I don’t sleep with everybody. I’m a clean girl.”

Howard asked how Shayna ended up with one nipple, so Shayna explained that she had a lumpectomy to beat breast cancer and the surgery cost her a nipple. Surgeons have since reconstructed it: “They made it out of my leg…my groin area.”

Howard was intrigued: “Ok I’m gonna let him play. I gotta see this.”