George Takei on Sex at Summer Camp and Shower Masturbation

March 29, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

George Goes to Summer Camp

George told the crew about an early sexual experience he’d at summer camp with a counselor: “It was frightening, shocking and wonderful. He was tan. He was blond. And uh he had blond forearm hair. And that’s still a turn–a turn-on for me–although Brad isn’t blond–to see that glistening hair against that blond–I mean, against that bronze forearm. And uh he showed me how his chest hair was blond as well. He wanted to see–he wanted me to see–how blond his pubic hair was.”

Howard wondered what all went down, and George was blunt: “I kind of touched it and well…he blew me. And he did it very slowly. It was the first time.”

How to Pump off in the Shower

George Takei told the crew his secret to masturbating in the shower: “You let the water dribble on your penis. The crotch area. You know, nice and warm. And you’re all soaped and you feel yourself up. You wrestle with yourself.”

George added that you shouldn’t only focus on your genitals: “Our whole body is an erogenous zone.”