Tracey’s ‘Happy Hour’ Clowns Booey

But Gary Dell'Abate mounts his defense

April 27, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a clip from Stern office manager Tracey’s ‘Happy Hour’ show in which she took aim at Gary: “Gary, you f’, I love you. I do. And I don’t consider you a piece of shit but you’re kind of a piece of shit. You know, one of things I can say about Gary is that when I first started here he always said, ‘It’s a boy’s club blah blah blah it’s gonna be hard for you,’ [but] the only f’ing one that treats me any different than everybody else is Gary.”

Baba Booey’s Defense

Gary came in to answer the charges, saying, “I probably stop in Tracey’s office once a week because I–here’s the thing with Tracey: The word of the day is respect. You either respect her. If you don’t respect her enough, you disrespect her. You know what I mean? And my feeling is that if you hang around with Tracey long enough, you’re going to disrespect her because it’s impossible to give her the amount of respect she requires on a daily basis.”

Gary added that Tracey’s need for respect was unbecoming: “She desperately wants affirmation and respect. Desperately.”

Howard played another clip from the show in which Tracey ranted: “That motherf’er had the audacity to call me into his office to clean out his refrigerator…you want to just slap me on the ass and hand me a five when I leave too? Could you be more f’ing disrespectful? How dare you, you f’ing Adelphi graduate? Treat me like I’m a f’ing piece of shit there to clean your f’ing ass after you shit?”

Tracey Destroys Again

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In yet another clip, Tracey said she’d recently tried to pass an important message to Gary but “He was busy talking to Ross Zapin, I’m sure about either f’ing Bruce Springsteen or the Mets or the Jets or something irrelevant.”

Gary said he was blindsided by Tracey’s statement about his fridge, adding that she should change the name of her show: “The only one happy in that hour is Tracey…this entire office lives in fear of her.”

Tracey’s Rebuttal

Later, Tracey came in to say she did tell Gary she wasn’t happy being his fridge-cleaner: “I told you how I felt about the refrigerator. We had the conversation. You don’t remember it because you don’t listen to me.”

Tracey also told the crew she’d only aired her grievances with Gary because she was asked to: “I did the first show and I was flat out told by Tim, ‘Ok. You need to be angrier. You need to be edgier. You need to do this. This is what we want. This is why we want to do the show.’ But then if I’m gonna get f’ed the next day, it’s not worth it! I don’t need that shit. You make me seek out reasons why and then when I–when I do exactly what you’ve asked, I’m the f’ing asshole.”