The Gary the Conqueror Game

Stern Show caller plays for a chance to win

May 3, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard gave a caller named Will the chance to play the Gary the Conqueror Game, explaining that the Wack Packer had been asked a series of fill-in-the-blank questions. If Will could predict whether or not Gary answered them correctly, he’d win the cash prize.

Will bet against Gary every time.

Here are the questions followed by Gary’s answers:

  1. When it rains it _____. “When it rains it pours!” (wrong)

2. Don’t look a gift horse in the _____. [Gary’s answer was unintelligible.] (right)

3. All good things must come to an ___. “All good things must come to an end.” (wrong)

4. Beauty is in the eye of the ________. “Beauty is–is–is in the eye of the woman.” (right)

5. Eat, drink and be _____. “Be smart.” (right)