Stone Temple Pilots Return

May 18, 2010
Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz of Stone Temple Pilots Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz of Stone Temple Pilots Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The guys from Stone Temple Pilots all stopped by to promote their new self-titled album and single ‘Between the Line,’ so Howard noted: “Last time I saw Mr. Weiland, you said–and I quote: ‘I’m never getting back together with those guys.'”

Scott remembered things differently: “What I said was you can never tell what will happen in the future.”

Whatever the story, Howard thought the band was right to reunite: “Don’t leave money on the table, boys.”

Scott told the crew that it was difficult to tour with Velvet Revolver as the band was dissolving: “Probably more so for our management.”

Howard quoted Duff McKagen as saying he’d rather reunite with Axl Rose than Scott, but Scott refused to return fire: “They’re just not–they’re not a band anymore…there were a lot of, uh, egos. In the beginning it was a really great thing.”

Scott’s Off Drugs, But Still Drinking

Howard wondered about Scott’s sobriety, so Scott said he’d learned to moderate: “I drink. I still drink some. But I don’t do any drugs.”

Howard asked the rest of the band if Scott was easier to work with now that he’s sober, and someone shouted out: “Hell no!”

Another band member said they’d even written and recorded the new album separately: “Different countries, even.”

Howard reference a rumor that Scott had gotten a massage in the delivery room while his wife was in labor, and Scott confirmed it: “At the time I was sober and I was, like, freaking out.”

Howard joked: “Did you get a happy ending?”

Jimmy laughed: “That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. My ex-wife got mad at me because I was watching ‘Candid Camera’ during the delivery. She was contracting, I was laughing. If I got a massage, I’d have been stabbed through the throat! I’d be dead right now.”

How Do You Nail a Stone Temple Pilot?

Howard asked the band if they banged a lot of groupies on tour.

Scott was the first to issue a denial: “I’m not real dater…to tell you the truth, I go straight from–straight from the stage to my bus.”

Eric and Robert said they were both married with two kids apiece.

Dean laughed: “I’m up for light conversation.”

Howard thought girls must be thrilled to ‘converse’ with Dean, but Dean clarified: “Or boys.”

Howard was surprised to hear Dean was bi, laughing: “When did that happen?”

Scott joked: “That’s what broke up the band.”