Checking in With High Pitch Mike

June 10, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Howard100 News editor High Pitch Mike to come in and discuss his new life as an openly gay man–a trend Howard’s noticed on Mike’s Facebook profile: “It’s become incredibly gay, your Facebook.” Mike laughed: “Thank you very much.”

Mike then told the crew about recently banging an 18-year-old kid he met at a nightclub: “What is age? It’s just a number.”

Howard wondered if Mike checked the kid’s ID, but Mike shrugged: “If he’s in a club, he’s old enough to…”

After Mike said they’d done it all, Howard asked if Mike let the kid toss his salad. Mike nodded: “Yes he did…if somebody hasn’t eaten your ass, I don’t know what your life’s about.”

But Mike denied getting any mud on his helmet: “I didn’t smell the condom. I don’t know.”

Asked if the kid’s ass was tight, Mike laughed: “I guess so. He was moaning.”

Mike’s Dashboard Mess

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Richard came in to ask Mike to tell his dashboard story, so Mike said he was once being given a handjob in some guy’s brand new car:

“I didn’t plan to get it on his dashboard. I said I was about to cum. We’re in his car, and he pulls my underwear down more than it already was–like I was about cum in my shorts or something. Instead he pulled my underwear and it went all over [the dashboard]…I kept apologizing. I felt so stupid.”