Mark Cronin on His Wedding Registry

June 21, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got Mark Cronin–a former writer for Howard’s Channel 9 show and successful reality TV producer–on the line to discuss his wedding registry: “Fortunately for me, the $2,500 caviar dish is still available.”

Mark’s first line of defense wasn’t very strong: “Rich people do get married and do have registries and do get wedding gifts.”

Mark said it started innocently enough: “You run around with this little ray gun and zap the stuff in Crate & Barrel and, you know, end up with a Griddler on the list…can I afford the things on the list? Yes.”

Howard asked why Mark hadn’t bought any essentials with his reality TV riches, so Mark confessed: “I’ve been living kind of like a bachelor for a long time and when we’re married and have a house together, we’re going to want to entertain people like the Sterns. We’re going to want china for that kind of thing.”