Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Talks All-Time Great Athletes During His Visit to the Show

Radio legend also shares his thoughts on the World Cup

June 23, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Christopher ‘Mad Dog’ Russo stopped by to promote Mad Dog Radio’s talent search–the SiriusXM channel is looking for the next top sportscaster–and begged Howard to re-sign with the company: “I’m not leaving here until you sign a brand new five-year contract…don’t you want a place to hang your hat every day?”

Howard laughed: “No! I don’t have a hat.” Howard said he’d be more inclined to stay if SiriusXM CEO, Mel Karmazin sticks around (“Mel is definitely a factor to me.”) and offered him a reduced schedule: “I want more time off.”

Chris said he understood: “There is an obligation aspect of it occasionally…on a Wednesday in January when that alarm goes off and you’ve got to stroll in here and figure out how to get through four hours?”

Mad Dog Dogs the World Cup

Chris hoped SiriusXM would be wise enough to spend its capital on Howard’s new contract instead of broadcasting rights for the Olympics and World Cup: “Sometimes we get wrapped up in some sporting events that are just not that important to the daily grind that you need to get [regular] listeners.”

Chris said SiriusXM would be better off pursuing the ‘real’ sports fan–those guys who know the score of last night’s Astros game and the latest Lakers stats: “I don’t think that person’s watching the World Cup.”

The All-Time Greats

Howard asked Chris if the Knicks would be World Championship-contenders if they landed LeBron James, but Chris refused to go that far: “No. They’d be better…it’s a dog and pony act by the Knicks. It’s a bad job…he can make more money in Cleveland.”

Chris also told the crew that we’d soon see Tiger Woods top Jack Nicklaus’ all-time Majors-wins record–Tiger’s only a few away: “Let’s say he’s good until he’s 35. That’s 11 years. 44 majors.”

Asked to name the greatest tennis player who ever lived, Chris enthused: “You can argue Federer. And I love him…[but] Rafael Nadal has beat him 14 of 21 times. I still think–I still think it’s [Rod] Laver.”