The Little Lupe IQ Game

July 12, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard gave a caller named Bill a chance to win $711 dollars in a round of The Little Lupe IQ Game, explaining that the Spanish porn star had been asked a series of trivia questions–Bill must guess if Lupe answered correctly or not.

Three out of five takes the cash.

The questions, followed by Bill’s predictions and Lupe’s answers:

What country is Hitler from? No. “Oh…Germany.” Who was the small black actor who recently died? No. “I know him. I don’t know him professionally…uh…no.” What is the First Lady’s first name? No. “Michelle.” What is doody? Yes. “A dude that is small. A small dude.” Howard allowed Bill a bonus question for all the marbles: In what state would you find the Statue of Liberty? Yes. “New York.”