Penthouse Pets Lela Star & Mckenzee Miles

July 14, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Porn stars-turned-Penthouse Pets Lela Star and McKenzee Miles stopped by to meet the crew–Lela told Robin they had something in common: “Enemas and colonics. I’m obsessed. Like three a day. After every meal.”

Robin said she didn’t have colonics anywhere near that often, so Lela explained that she really only performed “small” home enemas–after a filling meal: “At least once a day.”

Howard turned to Lela, who’s known for her vocal porn performances, and asked if she was as vocal while having off-camera sex.

Lela nodded (“I’m pretty loud when I’m getting f’ed.”) but added that her on-camera antics were largely inspired by direction: “It is a little bit of a show. People don’t realize that you’re getting f’ed for an hour and a half.”

Lela said she usually fakes it during oral sex scenes: “No porn guy I’ve ever had sex with can do that [well].”

‘Just Stick It In’

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lela told Howard that she didn’t like foreplay in her personal life at all: “Maybe we’re desensitized because we do porn.”

McKenzee agreed: “Just stick it in and we’re done.”

McKenzee said her boyfriends–who can sometimes last as long as 20 minutes–usually feel intimidated by the hour-long sex she has on camera: “They’re like, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I’m like, ‘No! Thank you!'”

Lela Star’s Sex History

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard noted that Lela’s been in the porn business for 5 years and once filmed a 7-man ‘blow-bang,’ which Lela dismissed: “It’s just the blowjob version of a gangbang.”

Lela said she’d always had a casual attitude toward sex–her mom wasn’t surprised by her career choice: “When I told her I was doing porn, she was like, ‘Oh figures.’ She wasn’t even surprised.”

The Going Rate for Top Porn Stars

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

JD came in to ask to see Lela’s new breasts, as he was a huge fan of her old/natural breasts.

Lela quickly stripped off her top, saying she’d gotten implants on a whim: “They were [nice] but I was bored.”

Later, Lela said she was one of the top-paid girls in the industry and quoted the going rates: “A good rate for a boy-girl scene can be anywhere from $1500 to $2000 to $3000. A bad rate would be, like, $700.”

McKenzee said an anal scene cost more: “If you’re doing it in a movie, you’re spending like 2 hours beforehand cleaning out your ass.”