JD’s Stripper Is ‘Not the One’

August 30, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

JD came in to say he was a big fan of Abby Elliot’s work on ‘Saturday Night Live’ but was less effusive when Howard asked about his stripper ‘friend with benefits’: “You know, it’s here, you know, it’s nothing–uh, there’s nothing really to talk about.”

JD wished it’d never come up on the show: “Now every time I try to flirt with a girl, it’s like, ‘What about your stripper?'”

Howard wondered why JD was flirting with other girls when he’s got a horny stripper on call, so JD shrugged: “She’s not the one.”

Gary asked if JD was interested in an ‘exclusive’ relationship, and JD answered immediately: “No. I’m not looking for anything exclusive.”

JD said he was more interested in fantasy football–and quickly caught hell for rushing the phrase, as it came out something like “fanny football.”