A Sybian Deal is Made

Dave Lampert and Little Lupe work it out.

August 31, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lupe confessed that her leap from the Sybian was caused by a “really intense” orgasm, but Dave was insistent: “I want you to stay sitting down and keep having orgasms.” Lupe asked how Dave could help her, so Dave described his method: “I want to sit down with you and I want to hold you and I want to put my arms around you and I’d like for you to put your arms around me.” Lupe responded: “Are you hot?”

At some point, Dave confused Lupe’s name for ‘Loopy’ and confessed to her: “I’m not hot. I’m an old geezer…I want you to imagine me to be whoever you want.” Lupe doubted the strength of her imagination: “If he smell, I can’t do that, because old people smell.”

Dave said he’d do his best: “I can shower before I get there, yes. I will do that, Loopy.” With the conditions set, Lupe agreed to sit–and stay–on the machine: “I will. I promise.” Dave said that was good enough for him.

Lupe Has Poison in Her Ma-Cheen

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before she hung up, Lupe repeated her catchphrase: “My pussy is like a machine.”

Dave addressed her one last time–with a catchphrase of his own: “Loopy, I’m really looking forward to holding you and causing you to have many orgasms…I want you to f’ me hard, Loopy. I want you to really put it to me and get the poison out.”

Lupe was confused: “What poison? I don’t have poison. In my pussy?”