The Shart Heard Around the World

September 9, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show with a few clips from last night’s Scott Ferrall Show: “Ferrall shit his pants on the air last night…he went to fart and he shart[ed].”

In the first clip, Scott’s producer Lou could be heard gagging as he Scott held up his soiled pants. Scott went on to explain: “I shit my pants. I had no control!”

Scott said he ran down the hall to check on his fart’s “rhea spray” and discovered it was much worse: “Sure enough, I’d cabled in my pants.”

Why Is Ferrall on the Phone?

For some reason Howard couldn’t understand, Steve Brandano got Scott Ferrall on the phone to discuss his shart episode. Steve then blamed Tim for the decision wake Scott up at 7am (Scott usually gets to bed around 3am).

Tim came in to say he wasn’t at fault: “I never sent anyone to call him or anything…I’ve never said that. I said, ‘Call in if you’re comfortable.'”

Jason, however, claimed that Tim was being dishonest: “You told me point-blank…’if you ever hear Howard talk about him, call him.'”

Howard told Tim to keep his hands out of the Stern show machine: “You stay out of it, Tim. I have a process.”

Tim tried to explain himself: “I’d like Ferrall to know when he’s being talked about so he can participate.”

Howard shot back: “I don’t want that. I don’t care if he participates. It’s not my problem. If I want Ferrall, I’ll call Ferrall!”