Showtime the Stutterer

October 21, 2010

Howard got ‘Showtime,’ a stutterer from Tennessee who Gary met at the ‘Jackass 3D’ premiere, on line to discuss his unique talent.

Showtime said his talent was more of an affliction–he owes his stutter to a meth-induced stroke. The “big meth head” may have been left with a speech impediment, but he managed to retain all his teeth, as his ‘tweak’-routine was hygiene: “I would take 5-6 showers a day. I’d brush my teeth 10-12 times.”

Showtime said he’d started smoking pot at young age, and the pot use led to “Black Beauties,” an expensive yet highly addictive prelude pill: “You can imagine when somebody tells you it’s $10 for one pill, you’re like, ‘F’ you.’ And then it’s off to the f’ing races.”

Howard wondered if Showtime had ever done anything gay for drugs, but he denied it (“I’ve been a functioning addict for most of my life.”), adding that his brother came out of the closet at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner: “I [was] like, ‘Holy shu-shu-shu-shit. P-p-pass the potatoes.'”