Denise Richards on Charlie & Richie

October 26, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Denise Richards stopped by to promote her role on the new season of Spike TV’s ‘Blue Mountain State,’ and Howard jumped right in, wondering why she wasn’t a bigger success.

Denise said she’d been in some great movies before she married Charlie Sheen: “And then my life fell apart.”

Things only got worse when she began dating Richie Sambora: “People said I took my friend’s [Heather Locklear] husband and stuff like that.”

Denise also said she’s not–despite rumors to the contrary–still with Richie: “That chapter’s closed…I’ve moved on.”

Denise said Charlie seemed like a new man at first: “When I met him, he was different. His past, to me, was his past…it was great in the beginning. That’s it.”

Despite their messy divorce, they raise their children together: “We’re getting along well right now…I’ve been hanging out with Charlie in New York here the last few days.”

Denise obliquely added: “It’s a been a very, uh, eventful trip.”

Sheen Is His ‘Men’ Character and Then Some

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Denise wondered if Charlie just wasn’t built for monogamy: “I think he should stay single and live the bachelor life forever. And I think he’d be a happy man. People love him for that. He’s like his character on his show–and then some.”

Howard asked how Denise explained Charlie’s jail time to their children, so Denise said she’d gone with something like: “Sometimes when you do something wrong, you get a time out.”

On Her New Men and Her New Boobs

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked if Denise was dating now, and she nodded, saying she was actually dating two guys right now. She loves to text with the first guy (“We do sext.”), even sending each other nude photos: “Whatever. I don’t care.”

Denise said she loves when he sends her pictures of his penis: “I do…why? Is it bad that I like that?”

She’ll often meet him for hardcore hotel room trysts: “I do like anal. Yeah. We did everything that night. We had a great night.”

Denise then showed Howard her new cleavage, noting that she’d gotten new implants since her last appearance on the show: “Silicone still. They were silicone before.” (C cups, if you’re wondering.)

After Denise left, Fred laughed that Benjy was really staring her down: “I literally thought he was going to jump across the console and rape her.”