A Fist, a Lava Lamp, and More Can Fit Into Ava’s Tight Space

Competition gets tough once the 'Anal Queen' entered the scene

October 28, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ava said she was recently hit on by a guy at the gas station: “So I reached down, unzipped his pants and jerked him off right there…I finished him off before my tank was filled.”

Howard wondered if she likes anal, and Ava jumped: “I’m an Anal Queen! I can take fists up my ass. I love double anal.”

Ava bragged that she’d once even taken a lava lamp up her ass. If she wins today: “I’m going to take my parents on vacation. They think I work for very wealthy men. Like, in the office–as a clerical assistant.”

Sal Does Dirty Talk

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sal then came in for the Dirty Talk portion of the contest: “I’m ready to rip apart this little f’ bucket.” Ava asked for hands-on dirty talk, but Sal begged off: “I’m married.” Sal started with a request: “Tell me what you want me do with those titties.” Ava jumped in: “I want you to suck on them and then I want to titty-f’ that big strong cock.” Sal one-upped her: “I want to pull out my dick out with shit streaks on it…lick all my ass juice.” But Ava took the cake: “I’m going to fingerf’ you and massage your prostate and you’re going to blow a load deep down my throat.”