David Arquette Is Mature, Loving

November 2, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David Arquette called in to say hi, and Howard immediately asked about some recent tabloid photographs of David trick-or-treating with Coco and Courteney.

David explained how Courteney helped make the day a good time: “I was kind of bummed that day ’cause it was a holiday. You know, [the] family and you all want to be together…she was just so funny and sweet and she didn’t really get pissed about our last interview.”

David later qualified his statement, saying Courteney had been a “little pissed” and joked that she might be responsible for an art repair bill: “A pair of keys went through that painting.”

Howard speculated that Courteney was pissed about David’s Australian tryst, and David laughed: “Maybe that could’ve done it.”

Howard asked what David really had to go back to: “Who wants mature loving sex?” But David refused to answer: “Let’s talk about something important!”