Selling Her Virginity

Howard welcomed Jennifer, an 18-year-old selling her virginity via Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and her mother, Jill, to the studio.

Howard noted her odd attire: "I like that you and your mom are wearing wigs."

Jennifer explained that she didn't want to be recognized: "It's disguise. Uh, it's a--I have a--it's a small town."

Jill said it was more for Jennifer's younger sister: "Just to protect the one in school."

Howard said the look reminded him of Superman: "When he would put on the glasses and think no one would [recognize] him."

She's Never Masturbated

Howard looked at the notes and was shocked at Jennifer's purity: "She's never even blown a guy."

Jennifer added that she'd never even been seen naked by a man, nor has she masturbated: "No. I've never done that."

Her hymen is still intact: "I think so. I believe so."

Robin said Jennifer would likely have to be checked out before the sale could go through: "What if the doctor accidentally breaks her hymen?"

Jill cut in: "Boy, is that going to be an expensive procedure."

Mom Says It's Okay

Howard then turned to Jill and tried to understand why she'd support Jennifer's decision.

Jill explained: "She's talked to me about wanting to bank it, to invest it--she's a smart girl."

What's more, the last girl who attempted a virginity auction got paid to *not* have sex when the auction winner backed out at the last minute, forfeiting his security deposit: "She got $250,000 for not doing it."