Robin’s New Tattoos

November 29, 2010

Steve Langford reported that Robin got two tattoos over the break, an astrological ‘Leo’ lion on her pinkie and a lotus flower on her wrist.

Howard took issue with the lion first: “I do not like it when women tattoo their fingers. I do not like it.”

Robin held up her pinkie: “It’s very subtle. You can’t see it from there.”

Howard doubted he’d like it if he could see it: “With a woman’s hands?”

Robin then held up her wrist to show everyone the lotus flower–Howard liked that one better: “Oh, very nice. That I like.”

Robin later explained that she’d been “hanging out” in LA with David Arquette “and his bros” and David asked her to go get a tattoo with him: “He treated me to a couple of tattoos!”