Howard Wishes Nothing But the Best For Sirius XM

King of All Media has nothing bad to say about his current company

December 8, 2010

Howard promised that no matter what he decides, “I will never say a bad word about Sirius. I will compete with them and I will be fierce in my competition…but I will never say a bad word about them. They’ve been nothing but honorable.”

Howard said he was proud of the business he brought to the company: “They will be a strong competitor of ours if we are somewhere else…we have all done something miraculous here.”

That said, Howard weighed his options: “One is I’m never working again.”

Option 2: “We’re going to a new opportunity.”

And 3: “We’re staying here.”

Or an entirely new frontier: “I’m building a rocket. We’re all going to outer space.”

Bobo then called in to ask for Howard’s chair in the event of the show’s departure, and Howard relented, apologizing to the chair: “The poor chair will be raped.”