The McCartney Humiliation

Howard recounts his experience backstage at the Paul McCartney concert.

Early in the show, Howard said he'd had high hopes going into last night's Paul McCartney concert: "I wanted this evening to go good for her because she's such a big Beatles fan. That's what it was all about for me...I want to come through as a dad. I have such anxiety about being a dad and trying to make sure things go well in life and right and I'm probably--I'm probably a horrible dad. I'll be honest with you, I really try to be good. But I seem to do everything wrong. I don't say the right things. I'm sure I'm a disappointment."

Howard added that all four members of his party were invited backstage to meet Paul, but when Howard asked Paul to sign a ticket stub for his daughter, "He blew me off...he didn't sign. It was so embarrassing."

Howard said Beth and Chris Rock both shook their heads: "I'm humiliated. It was a night of humiliation."

Howard said he was mostly embarrassed "because I had annoyed him...I feel like a douche."

Robin and Fred Get Rejected

Robin said Tim Sabean had pulled her and Fred from their seats to go meet Paul--only to be rejected at the door by Sirius XM VP Scott Greenstein.

Tim came in to apologize for "what a douchebag I am," explaining that he was only trying to get Robin and Fred in on the concert's live broadcast: "It was in the moment. I figured I'd work it out right there on the spot...I got thrown out."