Janice Dickinson Talks Sex, Drugs, and Tiny Rock 'n' Roll Penises

Model and reality starlet discusses modeling at a young age, sex with Sylvester Stallone, and more

Janice Dickinson's wild lifeJanice Dickinson's wild lifePhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Janice Dickinson Started Early

Janice Dickinson stopped by to say hello and told the crew she was happy to see Howard and Beth had finally gotten married: "We change."

Howard asked how she'd started modeling, so Janice said she'd been driven since she was 13 or 14: "I had to pound the doors."

Howard wondered if she'd been aggressive sexually too, so Janice shrugged ("Well, yeah. I liked it.") she'd even been with other teen girls: "A couple. It was good. It was great to have sex. Life is good with sex, right?"

'Animal' Sex With Sly

Janice said she later dated Sylvester Stallone for a while: "That was like animal--primate stuff--with him." Howard played a clip of Sly saying Janice lied about elements of their relationship, but Janice was unfazed: "God bless him and his little tribe. It's cool." Janice laughed that she recently ran into Sly at a gas station and he sneered: "Are you still making waves?"

Asked if she'd still sleep with him, Janice nodded: "Yes. We had fun. We laughed and had fun. He was fun."

Liam Neeson Is Big, Mick Jagger Is Not

While she was on the topic, Janice also dished on her famous partner's penis sizes, including Liam Neeson: "He took his pants off, George--an Evian bottle fell out...I was amused like I was at the zoo...engulfing large. Pulsating veins. Ripping."

Howard asked if bigger really was better, but Janice shook her head: "It really is a myth and the myth can hurt you."

Janice added that Mick Jagger couldn't hurt anyone: "He's nasty period. He's a nasty little Sir Mick...with a little dick...he has the smallest penis alive. It was as small as an infant's."

Howard, however, thought Janice may have been exaggerating about Mick's size given the fact that he had dumped over the phone.

Janice's Personal Fire Pole

Janice said she recently began dating a fireman named Alex, who resembles Sandra Bullock's philandering ex, Jesse James: "I'm gonna have him followed."

Janice claimed menopause hadn't slowed her down in the bedroom: "I don't need lubricants. I'm juicy."

Howard asked about their sex life, so Janice said she was game for anything: "If you wanna right hook me and knock me out, I'm happy with that...I like to do everything short of choking. What's up with that? All those rich guys love to choke you."

Janice said she'd even toss her man's salad: "I'll do it. Well, haven't we all. In order to get down there and do the licky-licky, I probably will have had to visit a brewery or something."

A Threesome With Rob Lowe

Janice said she'd even once had a threesome with two guys, including 'one of those club guys' and actor Rob Lowe: "Oh those were the glory days."

Janice told the crew it happened 25-30 years ago: "I remember vignettes of the evening. I remember just very nice missionary-style sexual behavior."

The Reality TV Incidents

Howard asked Janice to comment on her most infamous reality TV moments, and Janice obliged.

On leaving 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' because she was constipated: "They treat the rice on these TV shows. They ply it with starch. I was begging the doctor to stick his fist up my ass."

On falling down a flight of stairs on Finland's production of 'America's Next Top Model': "It wasn't fun so I had a moment."

'I Love Cocaine'

Robin asked about Janice's drug history, so Janice laughed: "If I could still be doing coke, I would be. I really loved it. Pablo Escobar built several stadiums and streets in my honor and I support the cartel...I love cocaine!"

On her way out, Janice asked George if he'd be her pal if they'd met outside of the show: "Would you be a friend with me if you ever met me?"

George's answer was either confused or a deflection: "I'm gay."