Jimmy Kimmel Joins the Show

Jimmy KimmelJimmy KimmelPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Jimmy Kimmel stopped by to sit in for the day and to recap last weekend's star studded party at his house. Howard asked how things would go if he broke up with Molly, his current girlfriend, as she's the co-head writer of his show.

Jimmy said it'd be weird ("We'll just try not to.") and quickly changed the subject, telling Howard he had to visit LA more often: "It was crazy!"

Robin disagreed: "My only problem is that you're introducing Howard to all these people. Now we can't goof on [them]."

Jimmy laughed that he'd made every effort to make sure Howard's trip was a good one--he put more thought into the food for the party than he had his wedding: "Much more...I wanted it to be a Jackie Martling-style party…without the garbage can full of clams."

Howard Pisses Off Jeff Probst

Howard told the crew he'd committed only one faux pas that night: "The only guy I thought was angry with me was Jeff Probst...I started to quiz him about his life with this girl. And then I got into, 'Have you guys said "I love you" to each other?' And they both turned beet red. And then I said, 'If you haven't said I love you, does anyone want to say it now?'"

Howard said Will Arnett was standing next to him the whole time: "We were having a blast...I was trying to have some fun."

Eric the Midget Is a Party

Eric the Midget called in to ask how Jimmy's family was doing, so Jimmy laughed: "My family's doing very well. Thank you."

Robin said Jimmy had to love Eric's visits to the show--like Bubba the Love Sponge's co-host Spice Boy often says: "When a midget walks into a room, everyone starts to have a good time."

Jimmy agreed: "It raises the level of delight. Definitely."

Howard said his LA trip actually made him identify with Eric: "I felt people were staring at me because they were all so beautiful. You know what I mean? You can understand that, Eric."

Eric pretended he did not: "I don't think I'm ugly or a freak."

That wasn't what Howard was saying, but he apologized anyway: "I'm sorry I said I felt like you. I don't know how you feel."

On Seeing Sarah Silverman

Howard asked if Jimmy has run into Sarah Silverman since their break-up, and Jimmy said he and Molly had bumped into Sarah and her new boyfriend as they were leaving an Oscar party: "It was very awkward...it was weird."

Jimmy laughed: "We made chit-chat for about 60 seconds and then I said, 'We're going to go stand over there.'"

Howard wondered if Jimmy would have Sarah on his show, but Jimmy couldn't see how it could possibly go well: "I feel like our first conversation should not be on television, you know? It's just kind of like, get anecdotes about the book?"

Jimmy said he'd since moved on with--but not in with--Molly: "I would like her to move her clothes in but she's resistant to that for some reason."

Howard noted that Molly had spoken with Beth about her desire to have children, so Jimmy sobered quickly: "It's something that I have mixed feelings about, obviously."