Sal Bombs His Own Stripper Test

Sal told the crew he bombed the staff-wide IQ test in such epic fashion, the test's administrator started laughing: "He let out a big giggle at one point. I thought he was laughing because he thought I was joking. And that really hurt."

Howard then went over a separate list of questions (culled from the questions Sal has used to quiz strippers and porn stars in the past) Gary had asked Sal--and Sal's answers (this list does not include the 4 questions he got right):

What is the capital of California? "Los Angeles." What country is the Thames River in? "Egypt." What country was home to the Great Potato Famine? "Idaho." The state of Hawaii is in which ocean? "The Atlantic Ocean?" Name 4 continents. "North America. South America. Africa. Brazil?" Who was the second man to walk on the moon? "Bud Selig." Who created the character Tom Sawyer? "Huckleberry Finn." A bicentennial marks the passing of how many years? "A bicentennial would be 20 years. A centennial is 10. Bicentennial would be 20." What is the most northern state in the US? "Washington--no, California."