Will Arnett Wants Benjy Gone

Will Arnett stopped by to promote his new sitcom, 'Running Wilde', and was shocked to see Benjy in-studio: "Why the f' is he in here?"

Howard noted "a real look of disgust" on his face when Will saw Benjy, so Will--an everyday listener--said he was disappointed to see Howard permit Benjy's chronic tardiness: "You should have fired him. Absolutely. Should have fired him immediately...Benjy--who's not a kid--should know better."

Hollywood's Long Road

Howard wondered why it took Will so long to "make it" in Hollywood, so Will shrugged: "I drank like an asshole." Howard asked if Will slept with a lot of people he shouldn't have, and Will joked: "Exactly. And all those dudes are mad at me know."

Will credited Les Moonves with his current success, explaining that Les had fired him from a dead-end sitcom, freeing him up just in time to land what became his breakout role on 'Arrested Development': "I should thank that guy every day. On the anniversary of the day I was fired, I should send him flowers."

His Wife's Breasts and JD's Pants

Will said he and his wife, 'Parks & Recreation' star Amy Poehler, managed to work and raise a family thanks to a small army of nannies and assistants: "I must employ upwards of 11 or 12 people." Howard asked if Amy at least breast-fed her children before handing them off, but Will balked at the question: "Is she breast-feeding? Uh, I don't know...I'm not at liberty to discuss." Will asked to meet JD, so JD came into the studio, mumbling: "Your dreamboat has arrived."

Will thought JD's look wasn't as bad as Howard had promised: "But JD. The jeans. Limp Bizkit is done." Will then had JD repeat a mantra--one that will hopefully help him start treating himself and his wardrobe with greater care: "JD is a friend of mine, so stop being mean to him." On Will's way out, Howard wished his family well: "Say hello to your lovely wife. And if you ever see your kids, say hello to them."